What we know about the Colts All-Pro guard


What do we know about the contract situation of Colts All-Pro goaltender Quenton Nelson? Almost nothing.

What is Quenton Nelson’s contract status?

The Colts took the fifth-year option on Nelson’s rookie contract and pay him $13,754,000 this season. First-round picks have fifth-year options, ensuring teams can hold on to a valuable asset at a below-market price.

If Nelson and the Colts don’t negotiate a new contract, he will be an unrestricted free agent after the season.

When have the Colts signed draft picks for extensions in previous seasons?


>> Right tackle Braden Smith signed a four-year, $70 million extension with the Colts on July 28 of last year.

>> Linebacker Shaquille Leonard signed a five-year, $98 million contract on Aug. 8 of last year.

>> Running back Nyheim Hines signed a three-year, $18.6 million contract on September 10 last year.

They were all selected in the 2018 draft with Nelson, but were not first-round picks, so there was no fifth-year team option. A new contract does not have to be concluded the following month, but is usually concluded before the start of the season.

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What did Quenton Nelson and General Manager Chris Ballard say?

Almost nothing.

“I would love to be here,” Nelson told WISH-TV’s Anthony Calhoun at a pre-training charity event. “Being here for four years, I really got to know the city. It’s a great city. The fans are great. The organization is great too. It’s really important for me (to sign an extension). “

Ballard said, “Quenton is a Colt. We want him to be a long term Colt. When we close the contract, we will work through that.

Sounds good, but Nelson or Ballard are unlikely to say anything else during the negotiation process.

Is Quenton Nelson healthy?

Nelson entered camp healthy this season but endured a difficult 2021 season.

After playing all 48 games in his first three years and only appearing on the injured list twice, he underwent two undisclosed surgeries before last season and then broke a bone in his foot in the start of training camp. Nelson returned early in his prognosis on his foot injury but also faced a recurring back problem at the start of the season.

“I had (my back) great going into camp and during camp, and when I came back (from the foot injury) there was this incident that I can’t talk too much about that caused it. triggered,” Nelson said. “It came back.”

Nelson was questionable in the first two games of last season but played before missing Games 4, 5 and 6 with ankle and knee injuries. He also missed Game 15 due to COVID protocols.

“Good, strong, healthy – just ready to go,” Nelson said earlier this year. “Excited for camp (and this), I’m not going with two surgeries.”

A recurring back injury cannot be ignored. Nelson is one of seven offensive linemen to make the Pro Bowl his first four seasons in the league. Of the three eligible for the Hall of Fame, only one made it; although Zach Martin and Joe Thomas seem likely to add to that list. Jake Long made the Pro Bowl his first four seasons after being selected No. 1 overall in 2008, but his career was cut short by leg injuries.

Nelson didn’t make the All-Pro first team for the first time in his career last season – no other lineman was named first-team All-Pro his first three seasons since 1962 – but remains the one of the best offensive linemen in the NFL. .

How much will Quenton Nelson get paid?

An interesting aspect of the negotiations will be how both sides rate Nelson.

Left tackles are considered the most valuable offensive linemen because they protect the quarterback’s blind side. According to Spotrac, the top five left tackles by average annual contract value earn between $18.5 million and $23 million. The top five guards earn between $14 million and $16.5 million.

Nelson, the best guard to enter the NFL in 60 years, clearly deserves to be the highest paid guard in the NFL, but by how much? And does he deserve to be the highest paid offensive lineman in the league?

“Quenton, he’s a generational player,” Colts owner Jim Irsay said. “I see (former New England Patriots Hall of Famer John) Hannah, and I see him from the last hundred years. I mean, that’s how good Quenton is.


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