The Blockchain Strategies Fund, managed by Block Asset Management, available through the Allfunds distribution network

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LUXEMBOURG, LUXEMBOURG, December 1, 2021 / – Block Asset Management is pleased to announce that the Blockchain Strategies Fund, the world’s first digital asset fund of funds, is now available for subscription via the network distribution fund for Allfunds.

Founded in 2000, Allfunds is one of the world’s leading Wealthtech companies and provides access to one of the world’s largest investment fund distribution networks.

Block Asset Management is a pioneer in investing in various digital assets. They were the first dedicated crypto AIFM to be registered with the Luxembourg regulator (CSSF) and the creators / managers of the world’s first digital asset fund of funds (launched in November 2017).

Block Asset Management is not only the first, but still the best performing digital FoF asset, winning the “Crypto Fund Research – No 1 performance fund” in the sector for 2020 and again for the second quarter of 2021 (the price of third quarter has not yet been released). The team works on the ethics of Due Diligence, Diversification & Active Management.

Institutional grade due diligence is of paramount importance in this new, complex and high risk asset class. Block Asset Management works as a risk filter to eliminate many unnecessary risks. The digital asset class is also now very diverse, with the evolution of new projects / tokens and new verticals such as smart contract platforms, decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFT) and the metaverse. As such, a diversified investment approach is vital to capturing gains and reducing volatility. Finally, in such a volatile asset class, active management is essential. The market can be cyclical and event-driven, managers should be aware of all major events occurring in the space that may impact the market and act / allocate accordingly.

On the list of funds on Allfunds, the founder of Block Asset Management, Manuel E. De Luque Muntaner, said; “I am extremely happy that the fund is listed on Allfunds, it is clear that global investors want access to reputable digital asset funds, but many global platforms have been slow to add [or find] such funds. Now, these innovative and forward-thinking asset managers looking for “best-in-class” digital asset funds, offering institutional-grade due diligence and unparalleled diversification, have the opportunity to invest. “

Co-founder Kevin Ballard added: “Getting listed at Allfunds, an industry leader, is another step in the evolution of Block Asset Management and will help boost our assets under management. Allfunds has provided a new in-demand investment opportunity to its network, and for us it is a gateway to a new network of investors, a huge network on top of that!

Manuel E. De Luque Muntaner
Block Asset Management Sarl
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