Rayonier Advanced Materials Issues Statement Regarding Chatham Asset Management Letter; Board determines Chatham’s proposal is not in the best interest of the company and its shareholders


JACKSONVILLE, Fla-Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc. (NYSE: RYAM) (the “Company”) today issued the following statement in response to the March 17, 2022 letter of Chatham Asset Management, LLC (“Chatham”) sent to the independent members of the Company’s Board of Directors.

At March 15, 2022Chatham has provided a term sheet proposing that the Company refinance the Company’s 5.5% senior notes maturing in June 2024 (the “Leading Notes”). The Company responded on March 16, 2022, that he was reviewing the list of terms and would post a response. At March 17, 2022, Chatham publicly released a letter to independent board members expressing concern that management was not acting quickly enough. Chatham states in its letter that it also owns 72% (approximately $266 million) senior notes, 11% (approximately $52 million) of the Senior Secured Notes due January 2026and 6.3% of the common shares of the Company.

After careful consideration and in consultation with several advisors, the company’s board of directors has determined that Chatham’s proposal is not in the best interests of the company and its shareholders. The proposal contemplates, among other things, that the Company (i) immediately purchase $35 million Chatham Senior Notes, (ii) exchange approximately $300 million 5.5% senior bonds of the Company for new 5-year second bonds with an effective yield of 11.3% per annum, and (iii) repay the balance $35 million senior notes at par at or prior to their maturity. The result of the contemplated transactions would be for the Company to use a substantial portion of its cash, including a large payment at Chatham, and to exchange 5.5% Notes for Notes with a much higher coupon. With more than two years until the next major debt maturity and in light of its current liquidity position, the Company is confident in its ability to obtain refinancing on significantly more attractive terms than those offered by Chatham, and the Company is ready to take opportunistic action at the appropriate time to achieve this objective.

“The Board of Directors and management team regularly seek and welcome constructive feedback from the Company’s investors. To that end, the management team has engaged in several discussions with Chatham representatives and has promptly brought their perspectives and demands to the board,” said DeLyle W. Bloomquist, independent Chairman of the Board of Directors. “Although Chatham itself would benefit significantly from the implementation of its proposals, such transactions would be detrimental to the company and its other investors. Therefore, these transactions are not in the best interests of the Company and its shareholders.’

As noted during its February earnings call, the company expects a tough start to the year as it deals with extraordinary inflationary costs and supply chain constraints as well as significant maintenance disruptions to perform investments improving the reliability of its core assets; however, the Company remains committed to delivering improved EBITDA for the full year 2022. These planned business improvements are central to the Company’s refinancing strategy. The Company is firmly committed to adopting a disciplined and balanced approach to capital allocation in order to further improve its capital structure. It is focused on using its cash balances for investments in strategic reliability and value enhancement projects, such as the previously announced G2 bioethanol facility at France, which will be financed by low-cost green loans. The Company expects these investments to provide both immediate and lasting benefits to its business. The Company also has the ability to deploy cash balances to repay debt on an opportunistic basis; however, the Company believes that its current liquidity position is an asset that provides an additional option for a global refinancing of senior notes at a time when market conditions are more favourable. The Company will continue to closely monitor capital markets for opportunities to meet its 2024 maturities and further strengthen its capital structure. As always, the Company is committed to taking decisive action at the right time in the best interests of the Company and its shareholders.

On Rayonier Advanced Materials

Rayonier Advanced Materials is a world leader in cellulose-based technologies, including high-purity cellulosic specialties, a natural polymer commonly found in filters, foods, pharmaceuticals and other industrial applications. The Company also manufactures products for the paper and packaging markets. With manufacturing operations in the we, Canada and France, Rayonier Advanced Materials employs just over 2,500 people and generates around $1.4 billion of income. More information is available at www.rayonieram.com.

Forward-looking statements

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