Principal Asset Management launches Principal US High Conviction Equity Fund


PETALING JAYA: Principal Asset Management Bhd has launched the Principal US High Conviction Equity Fund for investors seeking an opportunity to invest in high-growth US companies with potentially massive long-term impact, focused on the innovation and growth sectors. breaking.

Asset Management Senior CEO Munirah Khairuddin said the fund allows investors to invest in US companies with strong potential to become industry titans.

“The fund allows investors to participate in these rapidly growing companies as they become future winners. At a time of global recovery, these companies include many direct beneficiaries of vast economic progress and improved market reach.

“The fund offers medium to long-term strategic diversification and can further enhance investors’ portfolios. The average market capital of companies in the fund is US$3.6 billion (RM15 billion), which is equivalent to that of large-cap companies in Malaysia. Therefore, investors looking to diversify their portfolio with global exposure and high return potential over the medium to long term, the Principal US High Conviction Equity Fund is a fund to consider,” she said in a statement. today.

Principal Asset Management is part of Principal Financial Group, a global asset manager and solutions provider with expertise in retirement, asset allocation, emerging markets, serving corporate and retail investors in Asia , Australia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and North. America. Driven by a sharp stock-picking capability, the fund is managed by a team with specialized expertise in companies with market capital of less than US$30 billion and greater than US$30 billion.

Principal Asset Management has appointed Principal Global Investor (PGI), an entity owned by Principal Financial Group incorporated in the United States, as sub-manager. PGI is responsible for the investment management function of the fund in accordance with the objective of the fund.

The fund will invest at least 70% of its net asset value in equities and other equity-like securities and the balance in money market instruments and/or deposits. Designed as a growth fund, it has a multi-class structure of four share classes: Class MYR, Class MYR-Hedged, Class SGD and Class USD. The fund will be priced with an initial bid of RM1.0000, RM1.0000, S$1.0000 and US$1.0000 per unit, respectively.


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