Our point of view: the list of unclaimed assets, an interesting puzzle | Opinion


It’s your money. Just ask the state treasurer.

The unclaimed property division of Treasurer Deborah Goldberg’s office this week released its periodic list of a fraction of the tens of thousands of people, businesses and nonprofits who have $ 100 or more in unclaimed financial assets. .

These assets can be in dormant savings or checking accounts, uncashed insurance products, unpaid wages or commissions, uncollected dividends, uncashed certificates of deposit or benefit checks, and The state is obligated to attempt to reconnect the asset to the owner (s).

Fortunately, this service does not cost the individual or the company anything. As the Unclaimed Property Division printing press says, “For us, the money in your pocket is a job well done.

It’s always confusing and a little fun to go through this list and see a few entries of people and places that should be easy to find.

Salem Public Schools, the Salem YMCA, and the North Shore Medical Center are actual listings in the database, along with the Gloucester Family Health Center, Northeastern Correctional Center Farm, American Diabetes Association, and American Jewish Congress. .

There are loads of announcements that start “So-and-so’s Domain”, and a lot of real estate trusts and condominiums that may be long gone or just short-term entities.

After all, 4A LLC, 1696 Corp. and 43000 Feet LLC can be catchy names, but not easy to locate.

But how difficult can it be to contact the “1 800 Got Junk Westboro”?

The list of unclaimed money for “American Express” appears to be easy to obtain. Finding members of the 1996 Andover High School class could take five serious minutes on Facebook.

Two other announcements are worth considering. There is one for “Investments, Loyalty”. Anyone have Abby Johnson’s cell phone number?

And another for Polito Development Corporation, which according to a Google search is (or was) located on Hartford Turnpike, Shrewsbury. Doesn’t a certain Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts by that name live in Shrewsbury?

We’ll leave these little mysteries to other detectives.

(To see if you have any unclaimed assets, go to findmassmoney.com.)


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