Orbcomm Launches New Global Asset Management Solution


Orbcomm Inc. has launched a new asset management solution powered by its new LTE GT 1030 global telematics device for tracking and monitoring all types of assets used in the transportation, container and freight markets. heavy equipment. Orbcomm says its next-generation solution is designed to support mixed equipment fleets, offering global cellular connectivity, cost-effective SIM management as well as the latest wireless technologies to support a variety of customer use cases. clients for asset management around the world.

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With global LTE communications and a fallback to 3G / 2G networks, Orbcomm says its latest asset management solution provides faster and more reliable coverage of the Americas, Europe to Australia and Japan. The solution includes an integrated global SIM card that enables devices to seamlessly and affordably switch network between geographies with certifications and type approvals to meet the needs of international carriers. It also includes built-in GPS and cellular antennas for discreet and easy installation. The solution’s higher battery capacity ensures connectivity in the event of an external power failure for long-lasting performance in the field. With up to four digital and analog inputs, the solution offers multiple connectivity options as well as Bluetooth BLE support for wireless sensors supporting multiple industrial IoT applications. Additionally, the solution integrates with all of Orbcomm’s cloud-based platforms, enabling fleet customers to manage all of their assets in a single, unified portal and leverage deep data analysis across their entire business for streamlined operations, the company said.

For transportation and container customers, Orbcomm’s solution provides visibility into the location and operational status of fixed and mobile transportation assets such as chassis, delivery trucks and service vehicles. The solution’s geofencing capability helps fleet owners keep track of when assets enter or leave specific regions for maximum security and accurate and reliable fleet tracking. The solution also helps fleet owners optimize inventory management by evaluating asset pools in different locations to properly allocate resources and reduce dwell times, the company says.

The compact and ruggedized solution is also ideal for tracking and monitoring all types of fixed, portable and mobile assets in demanding heavy equipment and construction markets to gain additional insight into how the equipment is used and how it works, Orbcomm explains.


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