New York’s 59 Most Important VCs, According to Other VCs

  • The Big Apple is home to many investors who write checks to startups of all stages.
  • New York’s strengths in finance and media shine through in its venture capital activity.
  • Insider has compiled a list of New York’s top VCs, based on recommendations and investment data.
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New York’s tech scene may be smaller than Silicon Valley’s, but it’s packed with powerful venture capitalists. Over the past year, some Bay Area investors have moved into the Big Apple, and several companies have opened outposts there.

Given New York’s status as a finance capital, the city hosts influential cross-investment firms and has become a hub for fintech and crypto investments. Other venture capital firms in the city have gained expertise in media and consumer companies, two of New York’s other major industries.

In July, we updated our list of must-see VCs in the Empire State’s largest city. Insider asked some of New York’s biggest tech names for their nominations for the city’s most influential VCs. We also checked PitchBook and Crunchbase for information on deals and referred to our extensive archive of reports on the city’s vibrant tech scene.


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