Mills approves housing estate and switches to scooters


Mills Town Council (Gregory Hirst)

The following is a summary of the items reviewed and approved by the Town of Mills at its regular meeting on Tuesday, May 24. These documents are in the meeting file.

Mountain Meadows Subdivision

The council has approved a plan submitted by Greenbriar Partners, LLC to develop a new subdivision known as “Mountain Meadows” on an approximately 50-acre parcel of vacant land at the corner of Poison Spider Lane and Robertson Road.

Council approved the flat with changes recommended by planners during the planning and zoning process, the resolution notes.

Utility providers with various easements in the territory have been asked to review the dish, city staff note. No response has been received by 4 May.

Ordinance amendments — scooters, licenses, etc.

A second reading for the amendment and republication of three titles of the city’s municipal code passed. They can be found in the May 10 package, when the first reading was passed.

A summary of the changes was provided to council during a May 10 working session by City Attorney Pat Holscher.

Title 2: Administration and personnel

Holscher said changes were made to clarify that individuals serving on informal advisory boards not created by ordinance or mandated by state law are not eligible for compensation.

The changes also place clerks under the responsibility of the mayor and city clerk, as opposed to the jurisdiction of court judges, Holscher said.

Title 2: Business Licenses and Regulations

“The way it had read in the past was that if you were doing business in Mills you needed a license [from Mills]. There are lots of entities that there is no way on earth to conform to. This particularly applies to Casper-based plumbers and electricians who do business in Mills, Holscher said.

Wording requiring licenses is being amended to apply to businesses that maintain a permanent physical presence in Mills, except street vendors, junk dealers and liquor vendors.

Title 10: Traffic

A section added to Title 10 adds language allowing and governing the use of dockless scooters in the city. The ordinance requires suppliers to obtain a business license before commencing operations. Like Casper, Mills would charge dockless scooter companies a fee per scooter per year for right-of-way access.

The resolution notes that Mills is pursuing agreements with scooter operators and that the vehicles are already in the city without agreements relating to their use or orders in place.

WyoStar, banking institutions

The city passed an annual resolution naming its designated financial institutions, adding WyoCLASS to the list.

The designated establishments are:

  • First interstate bank
  • Wyoming Jonah Bank Government Investment Fund
  • First State Bank, division of Glacier Bank Hilltop National Bank
  • Wyoming-class

The board heard a presentation from investment manager Troy Hunsuker with WyoCLASS on April 26. The company creates an investment pool into which any county, city, town, or special district in Wyoming can invest cash.

Hunsucker said the portfolios returned 12 to 15 basis points, outperforming similar asset managers like the Wyoming Government Investment Fund and WyoStar. The average maturity is around 64 days, he said, which means political bodies could access their assets quickly.

The city has about $1,100,000 in investment assets, according to the latest available budget spreadsheet (page 24).


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