Metalpha: advanced digital asset management platform jointly established by LYL Dragon Victory International, Antapha AntPool


Metalpha a joint venture of LYL Dragon Victory International Limited and Antalpha Antpool CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

RECENTLY, Metalpha, a digital coin management platform that is garnering a lot of attention, has gone live to go live.

It is reported that Metalpha is a company jointly established by Meta Rich Limited (Meta Rich), a wholly owned subsidiary of Dragon Victory International Limited (NASDAQ code: LYL, Dragon Victory) and Antalpha Technologies Limited (Antalpha), a wholly owned subsidiary % subsidiary of Antpool Technologies Holding Company, which is one of the largest bitcoin mining pools in the world.

Metalpha aims to provide advanced asset management services to digital currency users worldwide and has established operating centers in Switzerland, the United States and Hong Kong with a current amount of assets under management of up to $500 million.

He has built a high quality professional team with senior members committed to the forefront of derivatives at renowned international financial institutions such as Goldenman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, UBS, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse and Barclays, with extensive experience in derivatives and structured products. .

Rather than relying on the strengths of its experience in traditional financial markets, Metalpha has always embraced innovation in the field of digital asset derivatives and has designed a large number of pioneering cryptocoin investment products. as well as their industry-leading supporting trading systems. .

With a full suite of products covering diverse underlying assets, from mainstream to emerging coins, Metalpha provides digital coin clients with holistic solutions for wealth management, investment trading, portfolio allocation and risk coverage.

According to Metalpha Vice President Dean Peng, online products launched by the company include:

  1. Fixed return products. Applicable to all types of coin holders, these products offer solutions for current and fixed returns for BTC, ETH, USDT, and other digital coins.
  2. Double-piece win-win products. Applicable to the population of miners, these products offer better interest-bearing products to investors in the coin standard in the digital asset industry. Investors can earn high returns without worrying about converting their cryptocurrencies into stablecoins when the market turns sour. These products have been widely acclaimed since their launch.
  3. Personalized service products. Applicable to professional investors such as high net worth individuals, miners and financial institutions, these products provide them with unique and customized risk hedging solutions and help clients achieve high-level hedging or cash-out needs. These products also offer customized asset management products and services such as loans and over-the-counter transactions for financial institutions, stock exchanges and investment dealers.
  4. Guaranteed basic income products that can be purchased when the market is down. Metalpha Shark-Fin products under USDT aim to protect capital and provide potentially high returns in volatile markets. The platform also recently launched a bearish product Shark-Fin under USDT, which could fit very well with the current market situation.
Metalpha Sharkfin Principal protege CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Metalpha Sharkfin Principal protege CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Based on the comparison made by the writer, various products launched by Metalpha are among the best in the industry in terms of yields. Going forward, Metalpha will continue to launch products in different maturities and coins to meet the diverse asset management needs of digital asset holders, miners, and financial institutions around the world.

In the pursuit of high returns for users, risk is always the bottom line for Metalpha. It is reported that Metalpha has cooperated with Cobo Wallet, a well-known cryptocurrency hosting platform in Asia, and implemented the wallet risk control system at cold, hot and hot levels, the HSM encryption equipment and risk control system under the compliance control system, so as to achieve the bank’s security level asset system.

According to the latest news from social platforms, Metalpha has launched a special sign-up promotion for new users, and eligible new users will receive a generous reward.

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