Mayor Ed Gainey creates bridge asset management program


PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Later this month, National Infrastructure Week will be recognized across the country.

Here in Pittsburgh, Mayor Ed Gainey is off to a good start by drawing attention to critical infrastructure needs. On Thursday, he announced the creation of a comprehensive bridge asset management program.

This program will assign one person the responsibility of leading a team to improve the safety and integrity of the city’s bridges. They will also be responsible for allocating funds for repairs.

Gainey said the person should provide a report on the current conditions and safety of the city’s bridges by October. Then the planning begins.

The mayor said the planning and design process is underway for a full rehabilitation of the Swindell Bridge, which has drawn heavy criticism from drivers due to potholes and exposed bars.

Gainey said city and PennDOT crews inspected the bridge on Wednesday. There will be another inspection later this month. He said that as soon as the inspector thinks the bridge is not safe, it will be closed.


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