King Wai Asset Management points to the trend of investing in the year 65 in new technology companies of the future.


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King Wai Asset Management aims to build quality funds. Generate medium and long-term returns, forming an AUM in 64 years at 15,807 million baht, growing 2.7 times compared to the previous year. Ready to highlight the trend of investment in the year 65, new business has emerged About technology, the future world and sustainable development This is the beginning of the investment period.

Mr. Antonio Heng Tat Chan Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer King Wai Asset Management (Asia) Co., Ltd. Where APR revealed that the company has a net asset value under management (AT M) increased by leaps and bounds. In 2021, AUMs totaled 15,807 million baht, an increase of 2.7 times or 167% from the previous year at 5,931 million baht.

by APR Focus on creating quality funds with a transparent and efficient investment decision-making process Building investor confidence and was responsible for managing investments to rapidly increase net asset value

running APR Provide management servicesmutual fund private fund and provident fund This is another venture that KWI launched last November. Funds under management consist of 8 foreign investment funds (FIF), 2 Thai equity funds and tax-deductible mutual funds. (LTF/RMF/SSF) 3 funds, 1 monetary fund and 1 fund for investors who are provident funds (MF for PVD).

APR Inspire our customers with a variety of business ideas. and combine power with various effective tools to access new investment trends while controlling risk. KWI is a platform that prioritizes quality over quantity. We also want to create an accurate awareness of the concept of “Capital Deployment and Asset Management” to make funds work for our clients. through investments that provide medium and long-term returns

Also, with the value of APR “Responsibility creates value. The duty to inspire people” which is important to us We therefore create value with a sense of responsibility towards our customers and society at all times. In 2021, KWI has grown. AT M good with customers’ support and trust We will continue to strive to develop KWI to grow with our ideas, attitudes and professional team. Many success goals still await us in the future.

In 2021, KWI Mutual Funds showed outstanding performance. Many foreign mutual funds (FIF) have achieved excellent results. and mostly ranks in the 1st quartile of the sector, such as KWI ASIAN SM Fund, KWI EE EURO Fund, KWI USBANK, KWI HCARE and KWI INDIA, as well as Retirement Mutual Funds (RMF), KWI ASIAN RMF and KWI FLEX RMF, which looks at returns in 2021, there are 5 out of 8 foreign investment funds (FIFs) in the 1st quartile (Morningstar data as of December 30, 2021).

Ready to expand the provident fund (PVD) business, giving rise to new funds for PVD clients to invest in KWI, SEC-approved and open provident fund management services in November 2021, at from the form of a multi-investment fund (Master Pooled Fund) established as “KWI Master Pooled Fund”, which will focus on allocating investments through various types of mutual funds, such as fixed income funds. Thai Equity Fund Foreign Investment Funds Mutual funds that invest in alternative assets etc. ready to support employee choice investments that allow fund members to choose out-of-the-box investment policies or to define their own investment proportions according to their investment objectives and their appetite for acceptable risk . Additionally, KWI Fixed Income Fund (KWI FIPVD) was issued to provide more options for fund members.

Mr. Sumetha Liuchalermwong Managing Directorinvestment and director of investments APR said that the current economic situation both at home and abroad are beginning to recover in both the consumer industry’s tourism industry

It also creates new companies in various fields, both in terms of technologies such as Metaverse, AI, Robotics, Digital (NFT), Fintech, Health Tech, and in terms of sustainable development such as EV, Renewable Energy, Smart mobility and Smart. solutions, resulting in a new ecosystem that will follow greatly Open for investment and increase opportunities for future growth. This is therefore the beginning of the investment period.

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