JASMINE is a new trend in digital asset allocation


At present, the blockchain network has changed the traditional linkages of production and accounting, and the application of blockchain technology has been extended to digital finance, the Internet of things, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management, digital asset trading and other areas.

In the overlapping environment of low long-term interest rates, weak economic growth and high uncertainty in the macroeconomic environment, high-quality assets are overcrowded and scarce. The rise of new blockchain digital assets represented by Bitcoin and Ethereum has brought new ideas to traditional asset portfolio allocation.

The symbiosis and integration of digital assets and blockchain networks is the lifeblood of the entire blockchain ecosystem in many application scenarios, performing important value circulation and incentive functions. Some experts have pointed out that the scientific increase in types of investment other than stocks, fixed income securities or currencies traded on the traditional open market can face the impact of low interest rates or the environment of high volatility that we may face now and for a long time to come, it is possible to obtain returns superior to those of a traditional portfolio of equities and bonds.

A survey of 150 universities in Europe and the United States shows that 94% of respondents have already allocated assets related to crypto digital currency, and the university endowment fund has actively allocated crypto digital currency as an alternative asset.

Today, with the traditional financial market still volatile, funds around the world are hoping to find a safe-haven asset that can pull off the effect of the US dollar. Bitcoin and Ethereum have become the two most popular currencies in both digital currency markets. Digital currency with platform attributes represented by Ethereum started developing around 2014, mainly as a token for various application platforms.

How to get ether and then participate in digital currency asset allocation has become an issue that investors need to consider the next step. Before that, it is necessary to have a powerful mining machine. For novice or professional investors, JASMINE is a good choice. ASIC Ethereum JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U server professional mining machine adopts self-developed high-throughput computing power chip with built-in storage and computing. Compared with similar products, the chip has higher integration, lower power consumption and better heat dissipation. Its computing power is 520MH/s ±10%, which can ensure the stability of computing power while achieving the ultimate reduction in power consumption. The power consumption is only 240W ± 10% and the electricity cost is only 3%. The advantages of low power consumption, small size and high hash rate make it suitable for IDC computer rooms, homes and other scenarios. It is deeply loved by miners around the world and has become the new mainstream of digital asset allocation.

Whether it’s traditional finance or digital assets, the core idea of ​​asset allocation is to diversify risk and achieve the highest probability. As a money-printing machine that will never shut down, using JASMINER to obtain cryptocurrency is considered a more stable approach to allocating digital assets. In addition to choosing the best tool, asset allocators need to maintain a good attitude and achieve long-term investment goals.

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