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September 8, 2021
Updated asset classes

Update our asset classes to reflect the breadth of the ICG platform

ICG announces today that it is updating its asset classes for financial reporting purposes.

The new reporting structure more accurately reflects the activities and operations of ICG today.

The asset classes reorganized within the fund management company will be structured private equity and private equity; Private debt; Real property; and credit:

  • Structured capital and private equity ($ 18 billion in assets under third-party management)1): provide structured and equity financing solutions to private companies;
  • Private debt ($ 19 billion in assets under management by third parties)1): providing debt financing to high quality corporate borrowers;
  • Real assets ($ 6 billion in assets under third party management)1): provide financing solutions in the real estate and infrastructure sectors; and
  • Credit ($ 18 billion in assets under third-party management)1): invest in primary and secondary credit markets.

More information, including historical reconciliations, is available in the backgrounder on our website at the FY2022 Results Center (icgam.com).

This change has no impact on our consolidated IFRS results, nor on the calculations or definitions of our alternative performance measures (“APM”). ICG will continue to present the Fund Management Company and Investment Company segments separately in the APM reporting.


ICG will host a presentation for investors and analysts to review the updated asset classes at 09:00 BST today. You can access it on our website through the webcast link at the FY2022 Results Center (icgam.com).

A recording of the presentation will be available on our website at Results Center FY2022 (icgam.com) later today.


Investor / Analyst Requests:

Vijay Bharadia, CFOO, ICG: +44 (0) 20 3545 2000

Chris Hunt, Investor Relations, ICG: +44 (0) 20 3545 2020

Media inquiries:

Fiona Laffan, Global Head of Corporate Affairs, ICG: +44 (0) 20 3545 1510


Half-year results announcement on November 16, 2021

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ICG provides flexible capital solutions to help businesses grow and grow. We are a global alternative asset manager with over 30 years of history, managing $ 65 billion in assets and investing across the entire capital structure. We operate in four asset classes: Structured and Private Equity, Private Debt, Real Assets and Credit.

We develop long-term relationships with our business partners to create value for shareholders, customers and employees, and use our position of influence for the benefit of the environment and society.

ICG is listed on the London Stock Exchange (ticker symbol: ICP). Further details are available at www.icgam.com. You can follow ICG on LinkedIn.

1 As of June 30, 2021

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