Elion Transforms Real Estate Investment Management with a Technology-Based Asset Management Platform


Elion announces the strategic absorption of White Peak Tech, propel the company’s growth as an investment manager

NEW YORK, July 11, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Elion (“Elion” or the “Company”), a vertically integrated alternative investment manager specializing in logistics and industrial real estate, today announced its absorption of White Peak Tech (“White Peak”), a team of technology professionals focused on analytics, data engineering, machine learning, and software development. The transaction enhances the Elion Intelligence (“EI”) platform, which the company began developing in 2018 with the aim of providing Elion and its financial partners with access to proprietary technology and data to propel the company’s growth as an investment manager. Elion believes that its absorption of White Peak will allow the company to better serve as a manager and operator of the most successful industrial real estate investments by integrating technology into its day-to-day decision-making and its communications with its stakeholders.

“There is no longer a separation between real estate investment and technology. In today’s digital world, a fully integrated technology and data analytics platform is needed to facilitate smarter, more efficient growth and help find unique investment opportunities,” said Shlomo Khoudari , managing partner. at Elion. “We are excited to provide data access in a differentiated and meaningful way to our funding partners and our team.”

EI will place asset management at the intersection between data analytics and investment operations to enhance Elion’s overall investor experience. Elion’s recent allocation of resources to technology expansion focuses on three core technology initiatives within the company, including enabling fully digitized data science, capital markets and a investment management platform. Elion’s extensive data science capabilities will harness digital insights to help drive more measurable results, increase better decision-making, improve team collaboration, and help improve the onboarding and reporting experience of its investors. The EI platform will also help the Elion team to more effectively manage and integrate research and data into its portfolio and risk management activities. Likewise, the investor onboarding, fundraising process and investor reporting experience will all be integrated into Elion’s enhanced capital markets platform, with automated workflows and enhanced reporting. streamlined through Elion’s investment management platform. Overall, by combining the company’s built-in expertise in real estate fundamentals with enhanced insight into population demographics and behavioral data, data science will enable the Elion team to better understand growth-driving trends and help unlock solutions for value creation.

As a manager of third-party capital, Elion believes that continued investment in its people and resources is essential to the continued success of the business. This capital investment in Elion’s infrastructure is a hallmark of this mission, and the company is confident that these forward-looking data-driven solutions should ultimately propel the company into its next phase of growth.

Khoudari added: “Innovation is at the heart of everything Elion does. This strategic transaction will enable Elion to grow more effectively to serve its sophisticated investor base and further accelerate its market penetration as a technology-focused investment manager.

“Real estate is not historically known for being data-driven or tech-enabled, but Elion’s forward-thinking vision was completely aligned with White Peak’s goals,” said David Vaisberg, Founder of White. Peak. “We are excited to join forces and help bring this vision to life with our now shared stakeholders.”

About Elion

Elion Partners (“Elion”) is a technology-driven alternative investment management firm focused on industrial and logistics real estate. Elion’s vertically integrated institutional platform manages $2.7 billion in gross real estate assets. The company is minority owned and over 65% of the team is diverse.

About White Peak Tech

White Peak Tech (“White Peak”) is a technology and data consulting firm serving real estate private equity firms and family offices worldwide. White Peak focuses on consolidating, processing and analyzing data, creating predictive models and creating software to automate processes. The White Peak team is comprised of data science professionals focused on analytics, data engineering, machine learning, and software development. Elion absorbed White Peak through a strategic transaction in May.1

For more information, please visit www.elionpartners.com

1 Recipients should note that in connection with the transactions described herein, White Peak has entered into a formal liquidation and dissolution, ceasing to operate as a stand-alone business.

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