Could Colorado Rockies and Cleveland Guardians be trading partners?


Could the Colorado Rockies and Cleveland Guardians be trading partners if the Rockies seek to quit one of their starting outfielders from opening day 2021?

In a mid-October article ranking the assets with the greatest possibility of being traded by the Colorado Rockies, Nick Groke of athleticism put Raimel Tapia at the top of Colorado’s list. The 27-year-old outfielder was the Rockies starting outfielder on opening day last season and had moments of magic at home and on the field, but they were too few and far between. His 80+ OPS in 533 home plate appearances with a 67.4% ground ball rate (the highest number in a season for a skilled hitter since 2012) has the Rockies questioning if Tapia is still in the game. form in Denver.

If the Colorado Rockies are looking to trade Raimel Tapia, could the Cleveland Guardians be a potential destination?

With Tapia out of minor league options but still with two years of team control, wherever he lands next year, he’ll have to be ready to fit him into the roster. He will enter arbitration when the current lockout is over, and it is estimated that he will earn just under $ 4 million next season. While not a large sum of money, it will ensure that the team that trades for him will make sure that he can contribute in one way or another.

This is where the Cleveland Guardians could fit in. After Cleveland traded Eddie Rosario to Atlanta just before the 2021 trade deadline, Harold Ramirez had the most left-field starts for Cleveland with 43 nods. Oscar Mercado was not far behind at 36 and no other Cleveland outfielder had more than seven starts. Ramirez and Mercado both beat right-handed, meaning Tapia’s left-handed batsman could be a plus in the left-field mix.

Tapia’s stolen 20 bases would rank second for Cleveland in 2021, so his speed could be a boon for the Guardians as well.

One of the decisions the Rockies will have to make this offseason is whether Tapia has a future with the team. If Colorado decides to leave Tapia, Cleveland could be a destination that could use it, giving it a fresh start and the Rockies a prospect or two in return.

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