CI Global Asset Management announces the launch of the ETF Series of the CI Floating Rate Income Fund


TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CI Global Asset Management (“CI GAM”) announced today that ETF Series CA$ units of CI Floating Rate Income Fund (the “Fund”) will begin trading today on the Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSX”). under the symbol CFRT. The CAD$ ETF Series of the Fund has a management fee of 0.35%, the lowest management fee of any floating rate income ETF in the Canadian industry.

By investing in floating rate securities, the Fund allows investors to diversify their fixed income portfolios and mitigate the impact of rising interest rates. The Fund benefits from the expertise of CI GAM’s fixed income team, which actively manages security selection and portfolio asset allocation.

CI Floating Rate Income Fund, offered since June 2017, is showing exceptional performance. In its category, it is the #1 ranked fund for absolute returns over the three years ending March 31, 2022 – a difficult time for corporate credit investors due to the economic disruption of the global pandemic and the rise in interest rates in the past. six months. The Fund holds a five-star rating from Morningstar Canada and earned a 2021 FundGrade A+® Award.1

As previously announcedthe maximum management fees for Series F and Series A of the Fund were recently reduced by 40 basis points to fixed fees of 0.35% and 0.85%, respectively.

The CI Floating Rate Income Fund is designed to provide a steady stream of income by investing in higher yielding floating rate debt securities, such as bonds and loans, as well as high yield and investment grade bonds short-term premium and floating rate preferred shares. Since the interest rates paid by floating rate loans and bonds are usually reset monthly or quarterly, these securities provide a hedge against rising interest rates.

Change in risk rating

CI GAM also announced that the risk rating of the CI MSCI Europe Low Risk Weighted ETF (Unhedged Common Units) (TSX ticker: RWE.B) has been changed from “Low to Medium” to “Medium”. The risk rating change is effective immediately and is based on the risk classification methodology mandated by the Canadian Securities Administrators to determine the risk level of mutual funds. CI GAM reviews the risk rating of each of the funds it manages at least once a year, as well as when a fund undergoes a material change. This change is the result of an annual review and does not result from any change in the investment objectives, strategies or management of the fund.

About CI Global Asset Management

CI Global Asset Management is one of Canada’s largest investment management companies. It offers a wide range of investment products and services and has a web presence at CI Global Asset Management is a subsidiary of CI Financial Corp. (TSX: CIX, NYSE: CIXX), an integrated global asset and wealth management company with approximately $370.2 billion in assets as of February 28, 2022.

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The category is Variable Rate Loans; Source: Morningstar Research Inc., as of March 31, 2022. Category fund ranking excludes USD virtual class fund series and represents the fund’s absolute return ranking relative to category peers. Being ranked number one means that no other fund has outperformed it in terms of absolute return over the past period. Morningstar Rating is for Series F class of shares only; other classes may have different performance characteristics.

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CI Floating Rate Income Fund received a FundGrade A+ award for 2021 in CIFSC’s Floating Rate Lending category, which included 57 funds. The period used to calculate the award was from 01/31/2018 to 12/31/21.

Fund category A+® is used with permission from Fundata Canada Inc., all rights reserved. The annual FundGrade A+® The awards are presented by Fundata Canada Inc. to recognize “the cream of the crop” among Canadian investment funds. The FundGrade A+® This calculation is in addition to the monthly FundGrade ratings and is calculated at the end of each calendar year. The FundGrade rating system evaluates funds based on their risk-adjusted performance, measured by the Sharpe ratio, Sortino ratio and information ratio. The score for each ratio is calculated individually, covering all periods from 2 to 10 years. The scores are then weighted equally in the calculation of a monthly FundGrade. The top 10% funds get an A rating; the next 20% of funds get a B rating; the next 40% of funds get a C rating; the next 20% of funds receive a D rating; and the lowest 10% of funds receive an E rating. To be eligible, a fund must have received a FundGrade rating each month of the previous year. The FundGrade A+® uses a GPA-style calculation, where each monthly FundGrade from “A” to “E” receives a score of 4 to 0, respectively. A fund’s average score for the year determines its GPA. Any fund with a GPA of 3.5 or higher receives a FundGrade A+® Award. For more information, visit Although Fundata strives to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the data contained herein, accuracy is not guaranteed by Fundata.

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