Asset management plan on track


Prince Edward County is on track to meet provincial deadlines for its asset management plan.

The overall plan was discussed Thursday at the full committee meeting. The asset management plan covers every department of the municipality due to data entry for core infrastructure assets (roads, bridges, water and wastewater and stormwater infrastructure) by July 1.

Director of Corporate and Legislative Services Arryn McNichol told councilors that once this system is in place, staff and council will be able to make a more informed decision on how to allocate funds.

CAO Marcia Wallace said this plan will allow them to stop seeing each department as a silo and see each department as part of a whole.

She said it becomes quite costly if municipalities aim to set priorities in each department without looking at the big picture, which the asset management plan will allow them to do and better allocate funding if needed.

The provincial deadline for the core infrastructure portion of the asset management plan was originally scheduled last year, but the government extended the deadline due to COVID-19.

Phase two of the asset management plan calls for all infrastructure assets to be accounted for by July 1, 2024 and phase three completed by July 2025.

Council received the report.


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