Ambit Asset Management Launches TenX Wallet for HNIs; Everything you need to know


With the aim of multiplying the wealth of long-term investors, Ambit Asset Management announced on Tuesday the launch of the “Ambit TenX Portfolio” for High Net Worth Investors (HNI). Investors need a minimum of Rs 50 lakh to invest in the strategy.

The fund manager is betting on Indian GDP growth. Ambit estimates that the country’s growth will triple to the $10 trillion mark over the next decade driven by structural growth drivers, providing plenty of opportunities for Indian businesses to expand over the same period. period.

According to Ambit Asset Management, Ambit TenX Portfolio will invest in forward-looking companies that have the potential to drive earnings growth tenfold over the decade – this includes companies that have low market penetration, have strong leadership in niche sector and have strong balance sheets to expand and seize growth opportunities.

Ambit believes India is currently at an inflection point and there is immense potential for growth in the economy, which is being driven by factors such as the low interest rate regime, rapid formalization companies, a strong investment pipeline and government reforms.

TenX Portfolio will focus on listed companies that are in an underpenetrated market with lower per capita consumption and a net debt to equity ratio below 1x.

“The selection of the portfolio of companies will be based on Ambit’s clean and proper framework approach, derived from three strong pillars: clean accounting, prudent capital allocation and good governance. TenX is a flexicap portfolio that will primarily consist of 15-20 high quality mid and small cap companies with an accelerated large cap selection option as well,” Ambit said in a statement.

He further added that the portfolio may include new-age mid-to-small companies that have the potential to become the large caps of tomorrow.

Sushant Bhansali, CEO of Ambit Asset Management, said: “As Indians increasingly turn to financial savings, there is a strong awareness to switch from traditional savings options to equity funds. stocks for higher investment returns. The TenX Portfolio will aim to create sustainable wealth for investors through patient, long-term capital.


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