Aggie adds another 5 stars to the 2022 class


Cy-Park 5-star linebacker Harold Perkins, an Aggie alumnus, signed up to the Aggies on Sunday afternoon during the Under Armor All-American Game at Camping World Stadium in Orlando. A&M dominated LSU and Texas to earn their fourth 5-star in the class, a record for the Aggies during the Rivals era.

Perkins had been a target for the Aggies since last year and quickly jumped to the top of the roster for him, but home state’s attraction to LSU was significant. The sacking of Ed Orgeron and Corey Raymond’s move to Florida, however, hurt the Tigers in their recruiting efforts. Texas put in a lot of time and effort trying to influence him, but never seemed to come close to a distant second for the versatile linebacker.

Even though Perkins has been an unwritten commitment for over a month, the road to signing day will be bumpy for the Aggies. Perkins has said he plans to make an official visit to Florida and may also be in Miami before taking up the pen on February 2.

Perkins is the 28th commit for the Aggies in the class, with 23 of them being 4 or 5 stars. He is the 16th Texas player in the Houston-area talent-packed class.

A natural football player with excellent speed – elite speed for a linebacker. Perkins absolutely can fly in football (or with him, if he’s offensive).

There is no doubt that Perkins is very instinctive. He’s used to finding the hole as a running back and quickly diagnoses games as a linebacker. Once he realizes what is going on, his eruption is exceptional. He’s also the elite in passing coverage, reading quarterbacks and jumping through the passing lanes very well. He backs up well and changes direction better than almost any high school student.

Perkins’ athleticism is off the charts which is why he plays back in the Under Armor game and played back, wide and linebacker last season. He just plays football and has the natural gifts to make a difference. I wish he would finish more instead of going for the highlight coil shot when he attacks, but that’s something he should figure out over time.

The Aggies needed speed to combine with Edgerrin Cooper over the next two years and Perkins is as quick as he can get. If he gets A&M’s defensive plan, he could be an asset immediately and be a part of both. If he finds a level of comfort, he could be one of A&M’s top linebackers for a few decades.


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