8 kg of gold, 42 kg of silver in the list of assets of the Tripureshwari temple in Agartala


The Tripura Sundari temple is one of the 51 Hindu “Shaktipeethas” in the country.


About 8 kg of gold and 42 kg of silver are among the assets of the iconic Hindu temple Tripura Sundari according to a recent assessment.

Shree Shree Mata Tripura Sundari Temple Trust has launched the very first asset and property valuation initiative of the sacred Hindu shrine, Tripura Sundari Temple in Gomati District, approximately 60 km from Agartala.

The Trust was formed by Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb on May 22 of this year to manage all of the temple’s movable and immovable property. A committee was also formed under the trust to test, appraise, and weigh the assets and properties in the temple’s possession.

District Magistrate (Gomati) Tarun Kanti Debnath told reporters in Udaipur that the testing, appraisal and weighing group started appraising properties at the Tripura Sundari temple premises yesterday. The survey has so far found 7.940 kg of gold, 41.616 kg of silver and other valuables.

We have identified seven trunks full of jewelry and other valuables so far. Of these, we only opened four trunks and assessed their contents throughout the day. The other three would be open on Wednesday and their content would be assessed, the DM added.

The Tripura Sundari temple is one of the 51 Hindu “Shaktipeethas” in the country and is considered one of the holiest Hindu shrines. It is also known as the Tripureshwari temple.

Tripura was a princely state until October 15, 1949 and then joined Indian territory following a merger agreement.

Asked about the safety and security of the assessment process, the DM said the entire process took place under high security and continuous video surveillance.

Shree Shree Mata Tripura Sundari Temple Trust was formed to take over all the assets and properties of the sacred shrine and manage its activities. The assessment process was initiated as a precondition for the transition, the official said.

All valuables found during the assessment campaign would be subject to a full audit.

Meanwhile, the area of ​​land in possession of the temple premises as well as other real estate in the complex has already been transferred to the Trust authorities.

The temple authorities evaluate the collected donations daily and evaluate the collections on special occasions such as Diwali, Maha Ashtami Puja and others. However, they have not had any full-scale audits to date in the Tripura Sundari Temple, said District Magistrate Debnath, who is the member secretary of the temple management trust.

The Trust is headed by Judge (retired) Subrata Paul. It also includes on board a district magistrate, a police superintendent, a sub-division magistrate, a divisional forestry officer and a district treasury officer.

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