5 hidden gems in the Notre-Dame promotion of 2022

(Photo: Brandon Huffman, 247Sports)

• The hope ranked 17th on the 247Sports Notre Dame composite list among the 21 players signed by the Irish and 328th overall.

To analyse: An immediate comparison – minus the media coverage he’s had at NC State and Notre Dame – is Irish cornerback Nick McCloud. Very physical. Very good if not high speed with a mature stride. Good sense of the ball in the air. Excellent pitch awareness and football instincts. Fight blocks on the edge, making him a quality cornerback.

Benjamin morrisonThe ability to snap on football, his footwork in passing coverage and his against the run physique are top four star. Football consciousness shines through when you see it maneuvering repeatedly before and after the snap to sabotage the opponent’s best-worked plans. He will anticipate the call to play and defuse the situation before it begins.

In pass coverage, Morrison shows excellent recoil. Many defensive back coaches today do not adhere to the old backpedal technique, instead preferring a lateral overlap technique with the receiver. Morrison can do both, which is where that quality footwork comes in.

On the back of the throw, he shows the fundamental skill of turning around to see the ball as it arrives at the receiver / defender’s stitch point, then crossing the bread loft to dislodge the ball.

Morrison is a smooth passing defender. It seamlessly switches from backpedal / side shuffle to a hip turn and an immediate burst at full speed. He is a technician in the execution of the fundamental aspects of defensive play. He is an alert and quality football player with the physical tools and instincts to play at a high level.

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