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A credit union is an alternative for those who are not satisfied with the demands and fees charged by traditional banks. In it, financial services are offered with often more advantageous terms. Like banks, they have checking and savings accounts, credit and debit cards, and personal loans. However, while customers pay for banking services, members do not have to. They participate directly in the credit union’s decisions and profits (or leftovers) by joining.

A credit union is a financial institution formed by a group of legal entities united in society. These partners make their financial movements within the institution and participate in the profits according to the capital entered.


Types of Existing Cooperatives

credit loan

There are several segments of cooperatives in the market. Therefore, you should look for the one that best fits you.

Among them are:

  • Consumer cooperatives;
  • Social cooperatives;
  • Work cooperatives;
  • Transport cooperatives;
  • Agricultural cooperatives;
  • Health cooperatives;
  • Tourism and leisure cooperatives.

They are targeted at specific sectors of the market and achieve conditions and advantages directed to each of them.


How does the credit union work?

credit union work?

In Brazil, these institutions exceed six thousand units. However, unlike banking units, which represent the same bank, each is independent and has its own specificities.

Another difference is that not all free membership units. Some cooperatives are exclusive for specific purposes. They are managed by a board determined by the members. The FGCOOP is the financial guarantee fund for these cooperatives. It assures the value of up to $ 250 thousand for each registered CPF. In this way, these institutions become as secure as banks.

Because they are not for profit, their values ​​are more affordable than those of other institutions.

In addition, until the end of each year, the general meeting is held to direct the remainder of the year. These are usually returned to members in proportion to their financial movements within the cooperative.

The Huge Save Bank is responsible for oversight and confederations providing services such as credit and debit cards.


How to join a financial cooperative?

financial cooperative?

To join a cooperative, there are their own websites and applications available. Required:

  • CNH / RG and CPF;
  • Proof of income;
  • Proof of address;
  • Address and general data.

After that you must choose the type of cooperative you want to integrate. They may have unique segments such as doctors, lawyers, etc. However, they may also be freely adherent. They also have a payment amount, which is on average fifty reais and buys the share of the company. In addition, some require a continuous payment amount, which acts as a kind of monthly payment to be paid in society.

In case of withdrawal, this amount is returned to the person with interest. They are called Interest on Paid Capital.


Advantages of Credit Unions?

Advantages of Credit Unions?

By comparing cooperatives with traditional banks, their direct competitors, it is possible to realize several advantages. The interest in credit unions are charged for almost half the price of some banks. This is because while other financial institutions aim for profit, cooperatives seek advantages for their members.

In addition, society is very democratic and the choices are based on the decisions of the whole group. Their result can even be returned to each participant.

Other advantages include:

  • Credit democratization;
  • Local development;
  • Business solutions;
  • Interest and fees for less than half of market value;
  • Economy movement.

Therefore, for those looking to make financial moves without submitting to high values, the credit union is an option. With it, it saves, develops income-generating projects and actively participates in the national economy. Want more content? Follow our founder letter with daily insights!

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What does the bank want in able for you to get a payday loan? http://hydracarina.org//what-does-the-bank-want-in-able-for-you-to-get-a-payday-loan/ http://hydracarina.org//what-does-the-bank-want-in-able-for-you-to-get-a-payday-loan/#respond Mon, 07 Oct 2019 02:04:14 +0000 http://www.hydracarina.org/what-does-the-bank-want-in-able-for-you-to-get-a-payday-loan/

A simple look at the Internet is already enough to see that the credit market is full of offers. All are advertised in the highest tones and described as inexpensive and at the same time worthwhile. Anyone approaching the issue of borrowing as a layman can therefore be overwhelmed quickly.

Your way to the 50000 USD payday loan:

Your way to the 50000 usd loan:

But that need not be. Because there are some rules that need to be adhered to in order to use a fair credit offer quickly. Undoubtedly this is the comparison.

In a comparison, the best credit offers are found using a few parameters. And with a comparison calculator or credit calculator, which is available here on the Internet for free. The personal “chattering” of banks is thus completely eliminated.

The following information is fed into the comparison computer:

– loan amount
– Running time
– Usage

This information is sufficient for the computer to find suitable offers within a few seconds. These are already worked up and not only provide an overview of the effective interest rate and the monthly rate. The offers also show product details on which admission criteria the banks require and which proof must be provided. In addition, the advantages of the respective offers are highlighted.

If a suitable offer could be found, it goes to the application. Personal data is generally exchanged directly with the bank only. They are not entered into the calculator. Thus, you remain anonymous until borrowing and can look around in peace.

Our note: The better you are prepared to borrow, the smoother it runs.

What does the bank want?

What does the bank want?

Banks and savings banks are looking for borrowers who are solvent and can afford the loan. For the 500,000 usd credit, this means that a good credit rating must be mandatory. This has its foundation in a good credit bureau and a decent income. Since the loan amount is relatively high, it may be that the bank requires additional collateral. These could present themselves in the form of a residual debt insurance or a term life insurance. The addition of a guarantor is also welcome and rewarded with good interest.

Your way to the 50000 USD payday loan:

Your way to the 50000 Euro loan:

On top of that, material collateral can be offered. Maybe there is a property or other valuables. Also capital forming funds could be interesting as security. In addition, gold and other precious metals.

Ultimately, the bank decides which collateral will be recognized around the $ 50,000 loan. As a prospective loaner you can only make suggestions and then have to hope for the favor of the banks. With a good income and a clean credit bureau it should not be too difficult to win this favor. Because that means that the most important criteria for borrowing have already been met.

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Fast credit without payroll. http://hydracarina.org//fast-credit-without-payroll/ http://hydracarina.org//fast-credit-without-payroll/#respond Thu, 19 Sep 2019 13:56:58 +0000 http://www.hydracarina.org/fast-credit-without-payroll/


So, our clients can guarantee these loans with almost any property, it is not necessary that it is only a real estate, it can be a guarantee of any kind, our users can guarantee with a car, art collections, any property that has the value needed to obtain the precise amount of money. The only exception is jewelry.

The consumer can opt for an amount of money whose maximum is set by 20% of the value of the guarantee, it is closely related to the quality of the guarantees and this determines the final amount of the loan. As for the real estate that are guarantees of these credits, they must fulfill a special condition for it; must be totally free of charges and mortgages and may be valid floors, houses, premises, etc. We do not accept plots or plots.

Team of private and private lenders

Team of private and private lenders

Our company is formed by a team of private and private lenders and we can grant loans even to people who are in various difficult economic situations, for example in a list of delinquents such as asnef.

Among the advantages that our loans have, the fact that they can be obtained in a rather short period of time is highlighted, so that the client can get his money in his checking account in less than 72 hours. Among other advantages, is to be able to make a lack and pay up to five years of interest.

Make an official appraisal of their home,

Make an official appraisal of their home,

In case it is the guarantee of our loan, we can carry it out in our company always at an economical price for the user.

The client who is in a difficult situation and needs fast money, is also unemployed, needs an urgent liquidity contribution that allows him to improve his economic situation to be able to reach the end of the month. This can be done with total security, since our company provides fast loans without payroll and can have full confidence in our financial services, since we are regulated by the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs.

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What documents does the bank need for a loan application? http://hydracarina.org//what-documents-does-the-bank-need-for-a-loan-application/ http://hydracarina.org//what-documents-does-the-bank-need-for-a-loan-application/#respond Sun, 25 Aug 2019 02:31:20 +0000 http://www.hydracarina.org/what-documents-does-the-bank-need-for-a-loan-application/

What documents do I need for a loan application?

What documents do I need for a loan application?

The documents for the loan application are standardized, certain documents, evidence and other papers wants to see each bank. In addition, possible evidence of collateral is added. This can be general collateral like the life insurance policy and special collateral for the particular loan such as a land register excerpt or the car letter.


  • General documents for the loan application to banks and other credit intermediaries
  • Special documents for loan applications to banks and other lenders (collateral)
  • Sending the documents to the bank
  • What happens to the loan application for incomplete documents?

General documents for the loan application to banks and other credit intermediaries

General documents for the loan application to banks and other credit intermediaries

The general loan application documents require banks and savings banks, as well as credit intermediaries. These documents prove several things: The income of the applicant is one of them, as well as the nature of his professional practice, his current financial circumstances and possible payment difficulties, which can be seen from the account statements. In some circumstances, financial circumstances can also be determined from these documents for the loan application. In detail these are:

  • Proof of income : payroll, pension notice, Bank, tax bill (annual tax assessment of the last two years) for self-employed persons
  • Bank statements of the last two or three months (gapless)
  • Proof of home ownership, if any

Special documents for loan applications to banks and other lenders (collateral)

Special documents for loan applications to banks and other lenders (collateral)

These documents serve to secure the loan. As mentioned above, it may be specific to the loan belonging security documents (real estate, motor vehicles), but other assets are used for general credit protection:

  • Land register excerpt and / or purchase agreement for a property
  • Car letter (registration certificate Part II)
  • Life insurance policy
  • Proof of a bank balance or securities account

Sending the documents to the bank

Sending the documents to the bank

Most banks require postal delivery using the Postident procedure. The claimant shows the staff member a personal document. In the case of a personal application in a bank, the personal document must be presented with the submission of the documents. There are now in the case of a few direct banks also the opportunity to carry out the identification process online via video chat.

What happens to the loan application for incomplete documents?

What happens to the loan application for incomplete documents?

In principle, no lender deals with a loan application if the documents are not complete. Even small tricks do not help: Account statements must be complete, blackening of a booking, which the lender supposedly nothing, should be plausible. This could be a phone bill, the small amount, but not the provider remains recognizable. Through and through blackened bank statements will probably accept any lender. In the worst case it comes with incomplete documents to a flat rejection of this bank, the customer has thereafter no chance. Which documents you need exactly for the loan application, usually tells the bank or credit intermediary directly with the online loan application.

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Borrow money without income via mini loan http://hydracarina.org//borrow-money-without-income-via-mini-loan/ http://hydracarina.org//borrow-money-without-income-via-mini-loan/#respond Mon, 19 Aug 2019 13:54:29 +0000 http://www.hydracarina.org/borrow-money-without-income-via-mini-loan/

No work, but do you need extra money? You can now easily borrow money without income through a mini loan! A mini loan is a small, fast loan that can help you out when needed. Without asking difficult questions!

It is difficult to take out a loan with the bank when you have no fixed income. Banks always want to see a payslip when you apply for a loan, and if you don’t have a recent payslip, you simply don’t qualify for a loan. Nevertheless, you are probably in need of a loan precisely if you are unemployed. After all, the bills just keep coming, but you no longer receive a salary to pay them. Fortunately, there is now a way that everyone can borrow money, namely via the internet! Borrowing money online without income via mini-loan is a relatively new way of borrowing, without many conditions and without hassle. Go to the site of a loan provider and experience for yourself how easy this is. This way you can quickly borrow some money now that you are short of it, and you simply pay it back if you have a job again soon!

Advantages of borrowing money without income via mini-loan

Advantages of borrowing money without income via mini-loan

Borrowing via a mini loan has many advantages, so below is first elaborated on the benefits of borrowing money without income via a mini loan. Firstly, few questions are asked when taking out a mini-loan. You only have to enter some basic information, and the loan provider also needs little background information. The intention is to keep these loans as accessible as possible, so it goes without payslip and without BKR check. The idea is that everyone should be able to borrow money when they really need it. This way you can also borrow without income and without papers. Because so little data is needed, the request for a mini loan was made in no time! Within a few minutes you have completed the application form, and this is then automatically processed. The money is often in your account the same day! A mini loan is therefore easy and fast, but on top of that a mini loan is very affordable. You pay no interest on this loan! This does not seem very important right now, but it can save you a lot of money at the end of the loan.

How much money to borrow without income via mini-loan

How much money to borrow without income via mini-loan

You cannot borrow thousands of euros through a mini loan, but any amount between 50 euros and 1000 euros is possible. You choose exactly how much you borrow, because you also choose what you spend it on. You do not have to state this with your loan. If you borrow 350 euros to pay the rent, that’s fine, but borrowing 900 euros for a new washing machine is also good. You do what you want with the money, and it is therefore up to you to use it wisely! A mini loan has a short duration, so you have to repay the money relatively quickly. So keep this in mind when choosing the amount. Just borrow exactly what you really need at that moment!

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1000 USD without BCR http://hydracarina.org//1000-usd-without-bcr/ http://hydracarina.org//1000-usd-without-bcr/#respond Fri, 26 Jul 2019 14:05:20 +0000 http://www.hydracarina.org/1000-usd-without-bcr/


Do you need 1000 USD without BCR for whatever reason, but you don’t know how to arrange this? A mini loan can be the solution for your problem! There is always a possibility to get money if you are concerned about this. Do you want to know how? Then read on.

You can come up with 1000 reasons why you could use 1000 USD without BCR. Do you want to take out a new subscription for one or the other and do connection costs have to be paid for it, or has the dishwasher suddenly suddenly failed? It may also be that a stack of bills is waiting on the table until they are paid and that really has to happen soon. Or you have just booked a holiday and you have to pay the deposit. Anyway, there are several reasons why 1000 USD without BCR can be a solution for your situation. Do you also want 1000 USD without a BCR check? A mini loan can be the solution.

1000 USD without BCR with a mini loan

1000 euros without BKR with a mini loan

Nobody borrows from the bank for pleasure, unless it is really necessary. The procedures here are slow and there are so many strict requirements and rules that you must meet that you are often unable to see the forest for the trees and are probably not even eligible for a loan. For example, a BCR test is always performed to see whether you have a BCR registration at the Credit Registration Office in Tiel. If this is the case, banks are much less enthusiastic about offering you a loan. The problem is that around 70% of Dutch people have a BCR registration and therefore have difficulty in obtaining a loan. Nowadays, fortunately, there are other ways to take out a loan, such as with online lenders. There are a number of online loan providers active on the internet that provide mini-loans. These loans have been called into the world to offer as many people as possible a chance to take out a small loan. After all, everyone is sometimes in need of money and a BCR registration says, as you see, little about your possibility of paying off a quick loan. So you can borrow 1000 USD without BCR from an online mini-loan provider.

The benefits of 1000 USD without BCR

The benefits of 1000 euros without BKR

A mini loan offers many advantages compared to a loan from the bank. You can apply for a mini-credit within 5 minutes and you usually have the money in your account the same day. This is because everything is processed online. Moreover, you do not have to send in stacks of paperwork, make agreements or wait for the results of a BCR check. Here 1000 USD without BCR borrowing is arranged quickly and easily. Moreover, it is possible for almost everyone to take out a flash credit. You can also borrow with a benefit. The only hard requirements are that you are 21 years or older, because you are only allowed to borrow from the law, and that you have a fixed income. However, this income does not necessarily have to consist of salary, but may therefore also be a benefit, for example. 1000 USD without BCR has never been easier!

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What house I can afford? | Budget calculator determines your maximum purchase price. http://hydracarina.org//what-house-i-can-afford-budget-calculator-determines-your-maximum-purchase-price/ http://hydracarina.org//what-house-i-can-afford-budget-calculator-determines-your-maximum-purchase-price/#respond Sun, 14 Jul 2019 13:52:20 +0000 http://www.hydracarina.org/what-house-i-can-afford-budget-calculator-determines-your-maximum-purchase-price/


Buying a property does not just mean transferring the purchase price to the seller. The acquisition of real estate involves numerous other costs at the time of purchase, but also beyond. There would be on the one hand the acquisition costs. On the other hand, there may be renovation work on the new object. And last but not least, the interest on the loan must be paid. All in all, the possible, feasible purchase price results from the acquirer’s budget. So that you know, which budget is available for the pure purchase price of the house or the flat, we developed the budget calculator for you.

What may the property cost?

What may the property cost?

Just fill in the fields in the budget calculator. As a result, you can see how much real estate, considering all the costs, you can afford.

Maximum amount of financing € + equity € total available amount € – costs for conversion / modernization € – Safety discount (5% of the maximum amount of funding) € – real estate transfer tax € – Notary fees and land register entry € – brokerage commission € Max. Purchase price € residual debt after fixed interest € Calculate now

How does the budget calculator work?

How does the budget calculator work?

The first thing you need to do is set how much money you have monthly for your new property. If you move from an apartment to a house, please take into account that the consumption costs for water, electricity and heating in a house are higher than in an apartment. The land charges probably rise as well. This also applies to homeowners insurance and home contents insurance. First, enter what amount you can raise for the property interest and repayment.Employer loans are regarded as own funds, thus reducing the mortgage lending rate and thus the interest rate dependent on the lending term.

Costs for renovation and renovation

Costs for renovation and renovation

When acquiring an existing property, it can never be ruled out that conversions or renovations will be carried out immediately after the purchase or in the near future. Therefore, be sure to complete this field if you are planning a renovation or remodeling. These expenses reduce the budget available for the pure purchase price.

Interest rate

interest rate

A construction loan is a commodity for which the acquirer, ie the borrower, has to pay a price. This price is the interest rate that together with the repayment determines how high the monthly installment will be for the financing. If you have not yet obtained any offers, you can get an idea of ​​the current interest rates via our home loan comparison. Such a comparison offers you even more advantages. Here you will find out in detail everything you need to know about the financing conditions of the provider, for example, if a prepayment penalty is due in the event of premature repayment.

Initial eradication

Indicate here how high your initial repayment should be. Initially, because the amortization continues to increase within the monthly steady rate. The rate is composed of interest and repayment. If the repayment is offset, the remaining debt decreases. The interest is charged only on the remaining debt, so a higher repayment installment can be included in the monthly charge. As a rule of thumb, the lower the interest rate, the higher the repayment should be. In this way, the acquirer prevents the new rate from being significantly higher at the end of the fixed-interest period with subsequent financing and possibly increased interest rates than the previous one, despite successful repayment.

Target rate fixation

target rate fixation

The interest rate commitment or fixed interest rate specifies how long the agreed interest rate is binding for both parties. There is also a rule of thumb for the interest rate commitment: the lower the interest, the longer the interest rate commitment should be agreed. This secures the borrower favorable conditions over many years. You can use an amortization schedule to find out what the remaining debt at the end of the debit interest payment will be. It is important that the follow-up financing remains sustainable even with interim interest rates.

State in terms of land transfer tax and brokerage commission

Both the land transfer tax and the maximum brokerage commission vary from state to state. Against this background, it may make sense in border regions to look for real estate behind the border. With a purchase price of 400,000 euros, the total savings of five percent amount to at least 20,000 euros.

If you have negotiated an individual brokerage with the broker, enter this in the field “deviating brokerage commission”.

The real estate transfer tax may possibly be reduced if fixtures that are permanently attached to the house, such as a fitted kitchen, are deducted from the purchase price.

Notary, land registry and court

The costs for notary, court and land registry are usually accepted at 1.5 percent of the purchase price. If you have another value, correct the default.

Maximum amount of financing

Maximum amount of financing

The maximum amount of funding automatically results from your information on the monthly feasible rate, the interest and the desired repayment amount. It says how much you can borrow to buy a property.

Total available amount

The total available amount results from the financing volume and the equity capital. Of this amount, however, various costs incurred will be deducted. If these are subtracted, this results in the maximum possible purchase price for your desired property.

Safety margin

The purchase price and the mortgage lending value of a property are in most cases identical. For this reason, the bank makes a haircut on the purchase price in order to obtain the mortgage lending value of the property as accurately as possible, without having to examine every single stone of the property.

The haircut is typically calculated on a standard object at five percent of the maximum funding amount.

Maximum purchase price

The maximum purchase price is the maximum value that an apartment or house can cost you, after deducting the different costs already listed from the total amount available. The available amount, adjusted by

  • Expenses for conversion or renovation
  • Safety discount (five percent of the maximum possible financing amount)
  • Real estate transfer tax (is assumed for this calculation as a percentage of the maximum possible purchase price)
  • Brokerage commission (as a percentage of the maximum possible purchase price)
  • Notary and land register costs (as a percentage of the maximum possible purchase price)gives the maximum purchase price for the object to be acquired.

The result is the amount of money you can spend on the purchase price based on what you have provided. You also see what residual debt exists at the end of the agreed fixed interest rate.

We have created the computer to the best of our knowledge. Please note, however, that we assume no liability for the information shown. The budget calculator is only for guidance in planning your real estate purchase.

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